Choosing a Vehicle to Live In, Living on the Road Full Time Rig

We live in our SUV, but lately we’ve been discussing what we will do if our Great Escape SUV dies on us. We know the day will sadly come and we’ll miss the ole’ Great Escape, but we will need to get a new “Life on the Road” Rig at that point because . . . well, yeah . . . we are Lifers on the Road! No plans to quit this lifestyle anytime soon.

The question, of course, is what kind of vehicle should replace our current Ford Escape? We got to discussing this one night around a campfire and we got pretty deep into the considerations. We started leaning towards one option and then fell back towards another. We could find another Escape. That would make it easy to transition. We could get something with just a teeny tiny more space, say a truck with camper. Scratch that one. Maybe that ones just too big or too much to worry about. It seems life in the Escape has been so great because there’s not much to worry about breaking. Aside from a few issues with the Escape we really don’t have as much to worry about relative to other rigs that are either larger or have too many moving parts! Ok, so back to the Escape? What if we chose a slightly larger SUV to live in on the road? This would gain us more foot room, maybe some more head room, and heck maybe room for another dog! Woah, wait a minute now.