Cozy Car Bed with a Pooch!

Fitting All Your Stuff Into An SUV – Minimalists Living on the Road

Whether you’re going to be traveling long-term or you are planning to embark on a life on the road or if you’re simply trying to minimize the clutter in your life, one of the best ways to do so is to focus on “the basics.” Get back to the basics by getting rid of the clutter. Take some ideas from two folks who sold everything and fit all we own into our SUV. We’re now on the road full-time and can only take what fits in a Ford Escape. We call it “The Great Escape.” So, here’s hoping you get some great ideas from our super simple life on the road. Here’s how we fit everything we own into the SUV and here’s what we consider the basics of life – important enough to come along on this incredible journey on the road.