Foraging for Free Food

We’re known as Paradise on Pennies . . . so, of course, we like to do things cheap. Our two largest expenses (see our full budget here) are food and gas. We really don’t have much else in our expenses actually. So, anytime we can get food for cheap or free – we Carpe Diem! We do like to eat good nutritious food, however, despite liking cheap options. So, we have resorted to various creative ways of finding deals on food. We’ve also become a bit resourceful in finding food. “Finding it?” you may ask. Yes, what I’m actually talking about here is Foraging.

We have come to find that, despite a tremendous amount of environmental degradation, there are still places where we can find food to eat in public places. This ranges from public lands such as National Forests or BLM lands to, believe it or not, public parks in the middle of large cities! In fact, some of our favorite cities boast a lot of green space and parks with free lunch available on its’ branches & vines.

One such place is Eugene, Oregon. We were pleasantly surprised when we took a stroll along the river in Eugene and found the shoreline rich with Raspberries. What a scrumptious walk that was! As we travel around the Americas, we’re finding more tasty gems like this. So, we’ve put together a map to include some of our favorite places where we’ve found free food. The more we’ve found, the more excited we’ve gotten about the possibility of supplementing our food cost with free, and likely more nutritious and pesticide-free (aka truly organic) food from nature. Here is our map, so far:

While researching additional undiscovered foraging locations, we came across an invaluable resource – a foraging map (called Falling Fruit)! And, there’s an app for that, by the same author.

Foraging for Free Truly Organic Food

Much like the map we were putting together, most of the foraging locations can be found in and around cities.

We hope that you can use the Falling Fruit map for your urban delicacies in combination with our favorite foraging spots to find delicious free food on your next adventure. Enjoy!