Forget Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation or After Work Visits – Be a True Nature Admirer

As the population sky rockets and our  forests, parks, and once remote places become crowded, we’re seeing more detachment from theses places by the “get-a-selfie-and-go” crowd. There’s several problems that accompany these quick visitors. They tend to know less about the history and value of the places they visit. Their visits are fast, and much like a tornado they fly through leaving behind messes and trash for someone else to clean up. A lack of true admiration will mean less respect for its’ delicate existence. When visiting these amazing places, fast should not be in the trip’s  adjectives.

Stop and smell the roses- literally.

When people take their time and really engulf themselves within the surroundings they find more beauty in it, have a much more unique experience than others, and gain more enjoyment and peacefulness from nature. Imagine: instead of running down a trail snapping pics of each plucked flower then as soon as wifi is available posting your awesome album “enjoying wildflowers at the park – #naturegirl” rather, you walk through slowly, understanding the beauty of each one, reflecting on the knowledge of their evolutionary talents that you researched before coming, leaving them in place for the next passerby and ecosystem health as a whole. You don’t get to take pics of as many as person one because you spent 30 minutes just sitting in a meadow feeling euphoric, listening to birds, watching bees buzz among the flowers. You saw 3 rabbits, 10 butterflies, 17 birds, and a lucky coyote siting. You didn’t get pics of them all but came away with a unique & magical experience. Person one is amazed and jealous that you got to see a coyote! You must be lucky !?!? But you know the truth –

We must truly admire these places in nature and show our respect to the beauty of each by taking care of it. Now, more than ever, it is important for us to understand our footprint as a whole is becoming massive. It doesn’t have to mean we can’t experience these places. It just means we need to experience them in a different way.

The more intimate time we spend with nature, the more respect we’ll have for it. So, next time you plan a road trip to California or family vacation to Yellowstone  be sure to build in time for “nothing” – so nothing can be what you leave behind and nothing can become that amazing unexpected experience.