We Made It! Kearsarge Pass, California

How My Simple Life on the Road Makes Me a Better Woman

Living on the road has its special challenges, especially for a woman living on the road! Most of these things are pretty easy to deal with and totally worth it. Plus, living on the road actually contributes to bringing out the best in me. Here’s how:

  1. I Forgot About Makeup – There was a time in my past when I learned from society that a girl wears makeup – that’s what she does. I thought it was necessary to be “pretty.” My experiences have taught me the exact opposite is true. Makeup, the same stuff people put on when they build their Halloween costume, is for “costuming.” This is a term I’ve been using for a while regarding how most of society seems to be trying so hard to be someone else rather than realizing the amazing person they are. I don’t mean that in a cliche way. Seriously, since I’ve stopped wearing makeup years ago I’ve never felt more beautiful.
  2. I’m Authentic. – Along those same lines, I am an authentic person. Living on the road and living in simple means sort of forces you to find out who you really are and what makes you great. You can’t costume here. You’re not wearing fancy clothes and makeup and maintaining your social status. You’re waking up in a tent after not showering for 2 weeks & if you’re with someone they see you for who you really are – inside & out!
  3. I’m a Better Partner – Speaking of the best me I can be, I was lucky enough to find a mate that is just perfect for me and also loves the simple adventure life. But it wasn’t just luck. I don’t think I would have found this amazing partner if I hadn’t found myself. By being the most authentic version of myself I was able to truly connect with someone. And through being an authentic, happy, energetic me I can put my best self forward for my best friends in life.
  4. I’m Smarter – Living on the road means we’ve traveled around quite a bit and experienced so many different places, terrains, people, jobs, challenges, and situations. These experiences have granted me skills & knowledge that I couldn’t obtain any other way. I value science, nature, wilderness, well-being, and happiness. My experiences allowed me to see some of the most remote & wild places, to question previously held beliefs, to further find myself and happiness, to experience absolute awe.
  5. I’m in Great Shape – And I don’t have to go to the gym or have some hard-to-stick-to workout routine. No, life on the road awards us plenty of time to do what we love – hike, hike, & hike some more. We’re active & energetic.
  6. I Forget What Stress Is! – Before living on the road, several years back, I had a typically job & life. It was stressful. I hated sitting in traffic, I worried about being late, I worried what my boss would think, I worried if my outfit was professional enough, I felt like I never had time to to what I loved. It pretty much sucked, let’s be honest.
  7. I’m a Better Worker – Now, when I have a job I work hard at it because I have a goal to work towards – life! Also, most of the jobs I have these days I love. I see them as new experiences and new tools for my toolkit. I get the freedom to try things and go to places I may never have considered.