Living on the Road for Women

Let’s face it. Living on the road has its own special challenges specific to women. We can all think of one giant burden right off the top of our heads. Let’s leave that for a moment to discuss all the other little things that go along with living on the road as a girl and here’s some tips from me, a gal that’s been doing it for a while!

First, consider how living on the road requires a certain level of simplicity. We like to be simplistic anyway but living on the road pretty much forces you to be – which is nice. So, if you want to master living on the road, master simplicity.

This means throw out the “stuff.” Yep, no makeup, hair products, tons of shoes, purses, and all the stereotypical girl stuff. Your clothes won’t match, you’re hair won’t be perfect, but guess what – you’re going to feel way more confident than you ever did when you were being acceptable in society. So, here’s a quick list of things to consider:

  1. Ditch the Makeup – Seriously, ladies, the makeup has to go. Aside from it being pretty bad for you and creating a false self-confidence it really can take up space. Keep one or two small items if you must, but throw out all the rest. I have chapstick (not even makeup). I admit – there was a time in my life many year ago when I though I needed that crap. I threw it all away for a better me. Funny thing, I look in the mirror now and see far more beauty than I ever did then.
  2. No More Hair Products – Yes, I mean ALL hair products. You don’t need sprays and gels and creams and goos and so on. These are even worse than makeup at taking up space! Look, you really only need two hair-dos anyway. Up-do, down-do. For me, it’s actually the “just showered” and “haven’t showered for a few weeks” hair dos. My Down-do / Just showered consists of . . . my hair. My Up-do / Haven’t showered in weeks consists of braiding my hair. I just prefer this because it works with greasy locks and keeps my hair from getting knotty in a bun. What about the basics, you say? Shampoos and conditioners? We lived on the road for months on 1 bottle of all-purpose soap that we used for washing hair, body, clothes and dishes. So, there’s your answer.
  3. Shoes – If you’re already and outdoors gal you probably do okay in this department. Shoes, as you can imagine, can also take up mega space in your car / home / dining room / all-purpose dwelling! Remember this – you can always go to a thrift store and get a new pair of shoes if needed. i actually found an incredible pair of Sorrell hiking boots with tons of tread (looked brand new) for a whopping $6.00 when I finished off my hiking shoes and needed a new pair last minute. Take a good pair of hiking shoes and a small pair of flip flops (space savers and great around camp). Anything else is excess. Of course, each of us has a unique situation or are in a certain type of climate so fit to your needs, but the general tip stands.