Which Way Now?

Living on the Road without the What Ifs

You said it – do it while you can. The thing is – everyone that we meet who’s older than us says, “Wow, I wish I had done that.” Sure, there are risks and rewards that come with this.

Here are some key points:

1) First, we will still work. We just won’t need as much money because we won’t have as much stuff. Which means we won’t work as much. We’ll be free to take on interesting jobs because we like the work rather than need the money and we’ll be free to say no to jobs that require us to do something we don’t like or miss out on time together.

2) We’ll have a very low cost of living, so money we do make can go towards a safety net.

3) Even with some planning, everything has a risk. We are choosing not to live in the “what ifs”

Some things are inevitable:

  • we will get old,
  • our health eventually will decline,
  • we will die

Some things are only granted if we choose them now:

  • we will live life to the fullest as we age,
  • we’re more likely to be healthier if we are mentally & physically well now,
  • we don’t have a choice if we die but we do have a choice if we live

Our motto: Worry less of what might happen tomorrow & more of what is not happening today.

A Story About “Real Jobs”
I remember when I had a “real job.” I had good pay, security, health insurance, a retirement fund. I didn’t have a lot a time for myself, I didn’t have time to reflect on my own life and what changes needed to happen and what would make me happy, I didn’t have a good relationship, I didn’t have time to play with my dogs often, my health was not great because I lived on coffee and snacks to get through the work day and had little time for hiking or photography or watching the night sky or anything else I loved, I didn’t get enough nature or mindfulness time either. Now, I know some people will say that they have all those things and still have a “real job.” Maybe. But that would be pretty rare. It is exactly the “real job” lifestyle that eats away at those other things. It’s nearly impossible to have both. There is a reasonable balance. It is valuable to plan for the future & to be careful…but mostly it is valuable to be careful not to be too careful

– Heather