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Minimalistic Lifestyle by Going from Nothing to Something

Going From Something to Nothing (or Less)

As I read people’s stories about what they’re doing to try to become more minimalistic it’s always about reducing what they have, getting rid of belongings, reducing clutter in the home, etc. Of course, this IS exactly what we must do, but I believe the way we did it really helped us transition to being minimalistc so I wanted to share the story.

The Basics

First off, I believe you have to change the way you think to be minimalistic:

  1. We already had a fairly minimalistic mindest. We aren’t rich & neither one of us grew up with TONS of stuff so having the basics was already somethine we were mostly comfortable with.
  2. We transitioned our minds to minimalism. Of course, we did have some things we didnt need, as we all do. Anything beyond the essentials of life (food, water, basic shelter, etc) are “extra” but of those “extras” the choise of what stays or goes becomes a personal opinion, right? One man’s junk is another mans treasure, sorta thing. So, we have to change the way we think about that is really important.

An Easier Way: Going from Nothing to Something

It was easier to transition to a minimalistic homeastead by first living on the road with next to nothing. Everything we added when we got a homestead was a huge bonus! A change in mindset, right? Now we’re adding rather than taking away.