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Never Buy Another Dog Toy Again! 5 Money Saving Tips for Fido Lovers

We’ve all been there. You go to the shelter, rescue a sweet pooch, and decide you’ll spoil this furry friend for life! You plop him beside you as your new appointed co-pilot and together you go straight to PetCo where you let him pick out his favorite toy. A ball? A squeaker? A bone?

[Pictured: Kluane picking out a toy]

A few weeks later, though, his favorite little toy dubbed “Mr Moose” is destroyed. Cotton all over the floor, only one antler left. Time to go back to the Pet Store and grab pooch another new toy. But wait! It doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe you don’t have to keep buying pooch these toys, many of which aren’t even beneficial, and most of which are way over-priced. So, here are some reason why you shouldn’t buy the next toy at Pet Smart and some great alternatives to consider for your next dog toy:

5 Alternatives to Store Bought Dog Toys:

1. Dogs like sticks. Just give the dog a stick. Unless you’re in a desert there’s probably some sticks around, as well as pine cones & other natural toys that are out there!

2. Find bones and antlers in nature and on hikes or when pooch is running around camp. The dog will usually do a fine job at finding these on his own.

3. Clean up some trash in town, on trails, or anywhere. We’ve found old rope toys, balls, leashes, chuck it sticks . . . you name it.

4. Make the dog a toy!

5. Just buy some meat with bone-in. Then, pup gets a bone and dinner! Have you looked at the price of those store bought bones!? The bones are basically the same price as a steak! Some are so small and some are just hard plastic – not even real bone. Plus, this bone will be better for your dog and your dogs teeth than a store bought bone. It still has the beneficial marrow.

Here are the toys we currently tote around with us thanks to Kluane finding so many along the way:

[Pictured: Kluane with his toys]