Paradise on Pennies: Life, How It Was Meant to Be

Who Are We?

Meet Ramsey, Heather, Lillee, & Kluane! It’s the 2 of us & our 2 dogs, living on the road together, permanently. We love hiking, being in wilderness and spending time together. By choosing to live on the road we’ve chosen a life of freedom and flexibility to enjoy these things we love. We met several years ago in Colorado. Shortly after, we quit our jobs to try life on the road and spent 6 months exploring. Then, we settled for a few months in the winter in north Idaho. After pondering our next move, we decided living on the road indefinitely was the only thing that would work for us.

What Do You Mean “Live on the Road?”

We live on the road – meaning we have no permanent home. We live out of our Ford Escape, which we call the “Great Escape.” We sleep in our vehicle or our tent. We take various jobs to make money for basic needs, but we live rather simplistically. Sure, we’re a bit nontraditional but we’ve never been happier…living in Paradise!

mountain adventure Paradise on Pennies

So, Where is Paradise?

What is Paradise? What we’ve learned is that paradise is not really a place. While we’ve been to numerous places we would certainly call “paradise” the real paradise was experienced by our lifestyle change. As you read this, imagine what you would consider paradise, as a life. When we defined it we realized it was obtainable. . . if we were willing to make some trade-offs.

Paradise . . . On Pennies, Really???

Yes, really! We live on a pretty low budget – especially relative to most folks. We don’t have a ton of luxuries and we don’t have a lot of “stuff.” We don’t shower every day, we don’t carry a lot of clothes or stuff with us, we don’t spend money on fun & entertainment (we hike – its free!), we only have a few outfits, there’s no makeup, no hair gels, no jewelry, no extras at all. These things are unnecessary & take up precious space.

And this is completely by choice. It is only because of this choice to live simple and below our means that we have been able to explore some remarkable places that we’d call paradise. From mountains to oceansides, we’ve been in every western U.S. state up to Alaska and back. We’ve seen volcanoes, Denali, the Pacific Ocean, grizzly bears, glaciers and other jaw-dropping, once-in-a-lifetime scenes. We’ve also shared rainy days stuck in the car, lighting storms on the side of a hill in our tent while eating cold noodles because we forgot our stove fuel, and almost ran out of gas in Death Valley…and we wouldn’t trade a day of it. Every single moment has added to the story that is our life. Sure, we’ve been to places that are absolutely paradise, but it’s not so much that we’ve simply traveled to paradise. More so, it’s that we’ve created a life that always feels like paradise. Even when it’s raining.