The Mountains are Calling

Why Living Simple will Make You a Better Person

We’ve been living on the road for a while now and while we already had a lot of simple habits we continue to find ways to be even more simple every day on the road. Here are some ways that living a simple life, which for us means living on the road, has made us better people.

  1. We have a better relationship because we spend more quality time together.
  2. We spend a lot of time immersed in nature & that proves good for our physical & mental health.
  3. Our “problems” are pretty much basic needs – where to sleep, eat, & find water.
  4. We seem to be more thankful for the “little things” – sunshine, fresh air, even rain.
  5. It’s made us authentic people, which leads to better relationships & happiness all around.
  6. We have more interesting conversations with people & appreciate the diversity of people we’ve met.
  7. We’ve learned such a mix of skills that our ability to find work has expanded greatly.
  8. We’re better at “getting stuff done,” “DIYs,” and “cheap or smart solutions”
  9. We’re better parents (to our dogs). Our dogs have a better life than they would being otherwise.
  10. We understand the world better because we’ve seen so much first-hand. Each day we seem to get a new lesson.
  11. We wake up with the sun! Seriously, it shines in the windows or tent.
  12. We’re like kids. We explore, goof off, get amazed by the world around us.