You Don’t Need a Van to Live on the Road, #VanLife Alternatives

You may have heard about the recent #VanLife movement. Maybe you are thinking of selling everything and going to live on the road! Congrats! It’s an amazing life. This is coming from two folks who have been living on the road full-time for several years now. But, there’s a twist to our story. We tend to be a little less traditional than many of the aspects of this movement. We aren’t living on the road to be trendy and it’s not short-term for car camping – it is literally our way of life. AND we aren’t doing it in a van . . . gasp! Yes, it’s true. You don’t need a van to #VanLife. You can live on the road in a lot of really great alternative vehicles to vans.

In our case, we’re living in a converted Ford Escape with bed built into it. We have enough room for a full-size bed, a cooking setup, and plenty of storage underneath the bed platform. The trick for us is really this – simplicity. We are living for experiences, adventures, not things.