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You Need Just 2 Things to Live on the Road

There’s a lot you can do to make living on the road possible or easier. Everyone has a unique situation in life (people you know in different places, type of vehicle you aready own, skills for jobs, past experiences, amount of debt, etc). However, if you can abide by these 2 guiding principles you can get going on the road. So, here it is:

  1. Starting with a Safety Net
    We save a lot because we live very cheap. We don’t buy a lot of stuff & avoid the debt by not having stuff. That gives us more financial freedom. We save what we make in an “emergency fund” that we strictly wont tap into unless there’s something big problem like a car issue or someone’s hurt, etc. Other than that, we try not to be too concerned with the “what ifs.”

    We also made money by selling early everything. Most people have way more than they need. We didn’t even think we had much stuff, but when we sold it all we made enough money for a few month on the road (wasn’t much, but we didn’t need much).

  2. Keep Expenses Low
    we live simple & cheap so we don’t need to spend much while living on the road. Everyday costs (not emergency stuff) should be extremely low. There’s really only 2 costs to consider – food & gas. We don’t pay for lodging or water (camp free & filter water). Okay so food & gas are variable costs. Gas can be as low or high as we want, depending on how much travel we want to do. If the funds are too low, its time to stick around one place, work a bit, and travel a bit less. The other one – food – is somewhat variable, right? So, we have to eat, but we can control how much and the type of food (like not eating out or getting the expensive stuff) if the budget is low.

    Were hoping as we go along to discover new creative ways of making a little extra cash to live on. The less we need the easier that amount is to obtain. We have a blog but it isn’t doing much for us at the moment – but who knows what the future holds? We have done online jobs, we’ve re-Craigslisted stuff, & otherwise we work seasonally.

    In a nutshell, that’s how we do it. Sure, there are uncertainties but to us it’s very much worth the freedom, flexibility, & time together.

    Since we get this type of question A LOT were going to share a video to talk about it all soon.   Happy Trails!