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  • Arizona

    Rating: 5 Size:medium Trees/shade: minimum Ground: sand Water On Site: yes  Exterior features:  walking paths, basketball courts, baseball fields, kids park, bathrooms, wifi, electrical plugs, stream, picnic areas What I Like:  The park had wifi and plugs which was great …

    SARA Dog Park – Lake Havasu, AZ

    Rating: 3.0 Size:medium Trees/shade: lots Ground: grass Water On Site: yes Exterior : Nothing What I liked: Nice size Separate sides for small and big dogs On the edge of town What I don’t like: nothing around it like (bathrooms, …


    Rating: 4.5 Size:medium Trees/shade: lots Ground: grass Water On Site: yes Exterior : Basketball court Volleyball court Walking path Picnic area Beach/water access  Restrooms What I Like: Great area of town Walking path is very nice Wonderful views Lots of …

    Thorpe Dog Park- Flagstaff, AZ

    Rating: 4.0 Size:medium Trees/shade: lots Ground: wood chips Water On Site: yes Exterior : Park Pond Walking path Picnic area Disk golf Fishing What I liked: Good size Lots of trees for shade What I don’t like: They shut water …

    Columbus Dog Park – Tucson, AZ

    Rating: 3.5 Size:medium Trees/shade: little Ground: grass/sand Water On Site: yes Exterior features: Children’s park Bathrooms Walking path Picnic area Lake Model airplane runway Fishing What I Like Dog obstacle course Lake Decent size dog area Lots of parking What …

    Ogden City Dog Park – Ogden, UT
    Dog Parks

    Rating: 4.0 Size:medium Trees/shade: some Ground: grass Water On Site: yes Exterior : Stream Baseball field What I liked: Nice stream for dogs to swim What I don’t like: very hot in summer Homeless people live by the stream

    Bishop Dog Park – Bishop, CA

    Rating: 3.5 Size:medium Trees/shade: yes Ground: grass Water On Site: yes Exterior : Baseball field Park Walking path Soccer field Skate park Picnic area Bathroom What I liked: Right in town Plenty of balls there What I don’t like: