Adventure pooch gets some boots – says bring on the hiking !

We finally settled on a pair of dog boots for Lillee aka Adventure pooch. While we have always considered getting her a pair of dog boots, it was a necessity for the upcoming months on the road and many miles of hiking planned. We want to ensure her paws are kept free from things like cacti, sharp rocks, and even ice/snow occasionally. The last thing we want is to be 2 days into the backcountry with a stuffed up paw pad and a dog that doesn’t want to hike anymore ! 

We decided to try out this pair of Ultra Paws dog boots, size small for her. They recommend measuring the paw and she was around a 2, which amounted to a size small. We also went to a local store to look at them, try them on her, and shop around. I highly recommend doing this. You can always buy the boots from Amazon or somewhere else for a better deal, but try to find them locally to get a better idea of how the boots are made, the actual fit on the dogs paw, and how the dog will react to the boots.  

A heads up:

1) There’s a trade off. I read a billion reviews, watched videos, and read comparisons of dog boots before settling on a pair. It is a really hard decision. There are those cheap looking, thin ones all the way to mini rigid hiking boots. I wanted something durable but not rigid. I read some reviews about the dogs paw getting sore in the boot and thought the rigid ones might be too much. Also the rigid, more durable ones are extremely pricey. I wanted to try out a middle priced, generally high review, lightweight but multi-functional pair of dog boots.  

2) Your dog will walk funny, at first. I recommended trying them on in the store first to see how the dog reacts. Nearly all videos and reviews I came across display the funky dog walk and Lillee did it too. However, it took just about 20 minutes and she started to get used to them.