Cooking on the Road

Living on the road is a wonderful way to nudge yourself towards simplicity. You can have, at most, a car full of stuff, if you’re doing it on the cheap (like us) you sleep wherever you need to, and you eat whatever you can. Eating is not exception. 

Since we’re not permanently on foot, we still have luxuries beyond, say, a backpacker. However, a lot of our food choices face similar backpacking dilemmas – how to keep it cold or hot, hot to keep enough food for several days but still keep space and weight down and have enough energy from smaller portions, etc. having said that, you’ll notice many of our strategies are similar to backpacking solutions. 

Accordingly, here are some of the things that work best for us:

  • Have enough dry food in the car, just in case. 
  • Always have pasta. 
  • Cook on campfire every time it’s possible.