Gear Selection for 4 Months of Life on the Road

Here’s what we’re bringing for 4 months of living on the road!

Gear Camp Backpack Roadtrip

The List:

Tools & Safety

Knifes, Axes
Duct Tape, Zip Ties, Ratchet Straps


Paperwork, Passports, etc.
Journal for keeping stories

Camping Gear

Tent (2-3 season)
Sleeping Pads
Blankets, Sleeping Bags

Food / Cooking Supplies

Portable stove & Propane
Plastic spoons (reusable, 1 for each)
1 spatula
Cookers & Roasters + Grill top
1 Pan, 1 Pot
1 sponge (cut in half) for dishwashing, etc.
2 reusable cups

*Food Items (details to come, but including things like powder peanut butter, dehydrated fruits, oatmeal, snacks, etc)


Camera – 7D Canon
Camera – GoPro

Battery Pack Charger

Extra Batteries for cameras + Cords

We’ll detail clothes later, but we’re not bringing much! (Features will be thermals, fleece, puffy, waterproof rain gear, etc.)

Adventure Pooch Gear:
backpack, boots, coats, collapsable water dish & bottle, snacks, ball