Mapping a Roadtrip

I am a planner and I like to map out the routes before we go, even if we go off from the plan here and there. Its a great way to get an idea of the number of days and how much flexibility we have.

Theres alot of options out there – the class Google Map (My Maps) option or the many other road trip mapping tools. Here’s what weve discovered:

Google My Map

There’s a limited number of driving directions you can add to a layer. I tried adding the directions and thought that I was limited to around 13; however, I then discovered that by adding a new layer I had a whole other set of 13, and so on. Its a little weird but it does allow me to use Google Map for my route.


Other Cool Maps

The USGS has a multitude of incredible maps, from hiking trails to topographic imagery, for many parks and places. Check out these USGS Park Maps.