Quick Tip | Fix a Broken Tent Pole Cheap, Forget the Tent Pole Splint!

Tent Pole Splint Fix

If you go tent camping, it’s likely that sooner or later you’ll break a tent pole. For us, the “dog that broke the tent’s back” was Kluane. Being his big dopey hound self, he often lays down close to the tents side and ends up leaning heavy on the poles. Subsequently, one snapped. Since we like to fix things on the cheap and do DIY projects, we had to find a way to fix the broken tent pole on a budget. We looked at the local sporting goods stores only to find tent pole splints for around $5.00 a piece.

Then, we started looking around in unsuspecting places, like hardware stores, in search of items that might work as a tent splint. There’s so many products out there that double as another use. What we found were plastic plumbing parts. It costs us about 20 cents a piece. No tent pole splint needed!

Of course, we don’t want to have to buy a new tent until it’s absolutely necessary. So, we’d like to make this tent last as long as possible. This means it has a few patches. The clear portion of our tent cover is breaking up and we had to tape it. And now, there’s a couple of cheap tent pole splints from the plumbing section that we have placed on it. We like to think it gives the tent character! And of course it saves our wallet.