Fishing Up Hooks, Plastic, & More From a Reservior

We recently added some weight to our #trashlesstrail project by cleaning up everything from fish hooks to gatorade bottles around the Brush Hollow Reservoir near Penrose, Colorado.

This place is one of the few options in southwest Colorado for recreation by the water. On a weekday it can be a nice quiet retreat to lay by the water, fish, hike, and maybe swim (although that’s frowned upon). Nonetheless, Adventure Pooch took a few dips of refreshment. 

The problem is, people like to leave their Gatorade bottles and fishing line and hooks all over the place. One peice was even wedged into a hole in a log – as if to deter from clean up. Why don’t some people get it? We need to take care of these public places or soon we won’t have them to enjoy.