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What is "Min Travel?" Minimalistic Travel - It's the concept of traveling on the cheap & being simple. One of our hobbies is exploring, finding wilderness & paradise, & hiking deep into the middle of these amazing places. Many people think travel is an expensive thing to do, so most leave it to a short vacation a year. However, much of this travel is to places like amusement parks or beaches or even National Parks, and much of it is done at peak season when crowds make it hard to enjoy. We spent 4 months living on the road out of our car & tent to afford to see the most amazing places in North America. And, we have positioned ourselves in a strategic location to all of our favorite places to travel, so that many of them are a days drive away. Here are some of the adventures we've been able to enjoy due to this philosophy & some cheap travel tips we hope you can use! #ExperiencesOverThings Check Out Our Facebook Page to see all the adventures we've shared!